Kyokushin Karate is a powerful style of Martial Art, founded by the legendary Karate master Masutatsu Oyama.

Kyokushin combines both traditional and freestyle training methods into a practical and effective self defence system that is suitable for men, women and children of all ages.

The biggest difference with other styles is that Kyokushin Karate is full-contact.  

Karate is both an art and philosophy, because each person has a different personality, this reflects itself in their interpretation. Therefore, karate masters founded their own schools, teaching their style or ryu.

Kyokushin remains traditional in it's training methods, protocol and beliefs, yet avoids rigid guidelines to allow its practitioners to grow and progress, in turn contributing to the evolution of Kyokushin.


Kyokushin is the name given to our style. It was founded in 1953 by the late Grand Master Mas Oyama.
After studying the Martial Arts for two decades, training in many different forms; from Korean to Chinese and Japanese styles as well as boxing and self defense tactics in North America; he created Kyokushin from what he believed to be the essential elements of each, and contributed his own practical methods for the application of the ancient forms to suit 21st century practitioners.

KYOKUSHIN, (Pronounced: "Key-yoke / shin") means ultimate truth. The true meaning of this is that you are prepared to do or give all you got in every situation to finally get what you wanted or to achieve your goal. Only with an iron discipline and the correct mentality is this possible to achieve. You will have to confront yourself with reality without taking shortcuts and when you can do this you will have boosted your self esteem.

The Strongest Karate

Kyokushin is known throughout the Martial Arts world as The Strongest Karate, not only for the reputation of it's top fighters but also the rigorous and thorough training methods. Kyokushin famous for its powerful techniques derives its spectacular force from points and circles which create enormous strength. It is this circular motion that distinguishes Kyokushin karate from other karate styles that rely on simple linear motion.