Kyokushin Management System

KMS Presentation Client

The KMS Presentation Client is used to access KMS on the main KMS server or a KMS Branch server. It is a remote display to the KMS system. It is automatically updated from the server when updates become available.

Windows Self-Extracting Installer file for MOKNZ (Windows 64-bit .exe ~185Mb)
Windows Self-Extracting Installer file for SoKyokushin (Windows 64-bit .exe ~185Mb)
Windows Self-Extracting Installer file, older International version (Windows 32-bit .exe ~30Mb)

KMS Client System

Windows Self-Extracting Installer file (Windows 64-bit .exe ~350Mb)
Please contact us for this option.
The KMS Client system is the semi-stand-alone version of KMS. This runs the system and database on your local PC, and synchronizes your transactions to the main KMS server whenever an Internet connectivity becomes available.

This system is not available for public download anymore. Contact us for details.

KMS Manuals

KMS User Guide (.pdf ~6.9Mb)
The KMS User Guide is intended for Dojo administrators.
KMS System Administrator Guide (.pdf ~3.0Mb Work In Progress)
The KMS System Administrator Guide is intended for administrators of KMS systems. KMS Client System users may find parts of this manual useful as well.

Help us translate KMS to your language

KMS currently supports the following languages:
English, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Greek and Italian.
Please let us know if you require another language supported from KMS.
Most of KMS has been translated using translation programs. The result is not always optimal and sometimes even funny.
You can help us translate KMS to your language and make it available to the Kyokushin society all over the world.
Please contact us and share your knowledge.